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Washington Senators / Texas Rangers Career Leaderboard in both leagues (Pitchers)  Batters
50 decisions/500 IP required for percentage categories.
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Earned Run Average
Dean Chance3.107
Phil Ortega3.179
Gaylord Perry3.229
George Brunet3.367
Bert Blyleven3.484
Frank Tanana3.696
Nolan Ryan3.770
Rick Honeycutt3.779
Joe Coleman3.782
Fergie Jenkins3.820
Nolan Ryan306
Shane Reynolds94
Fergie Jenkins83
Dean Chance73
Kevin Gross73
Kevin Brown70
John Burkett64
Jose Guzman64
Gaylord Perry59
Kenny Rogers52
Nolan Ryan280
Fergie Jenkins94
Kevin Brown83
Mike Torrez80
Rudy May70
Shane Reynolds69
Dean Chance65
Kevin Gross65
Dick Bosman60
Jose Guzman56
Winning Percentage
Gaylord Perry.6705
Bert Blyleven.6557
John Burkett.6275
Frank Tanana.6184
Danny Darwin.6061
Phil Ortega.5800
Shane Reynolds.5767
Mike Mason.5429
Roger Pavlik.5349
Jose Guzman.5333
Games Pitched
Nolan Ryan749
Jeff Russell335
Casey Cox300
Kenny Rogers296
Jim Kern264
Danny Darwin251
Bob Humphreys230
Dave Schmidt230
Greg Harris225
Dick Bosman223
Games Started
Nolan Ryan739
Fergie Jenkins210
Shane Reynolds206
Kevin Brown199
Kevin Gross181
Dean Chance178
Jose Guzman162
Mike Torrez158
Bobby Witt149
Rudy May144
Complete Games
Nolan Ryan190
Fergie Jenkins70
Gaylord Perry44
Kevin Brown40
Dean Chance29
Jose Guzman29
Shane Reynolds29
Kevin Gross25
Bert Blyleven24
Rick Helling18
Games Finished
Jim Kern200
Jeff Russell184
Dave Schmidt160
Casey Cox138
Danny Darwin125
Greg Harris119
Kenny Rogers119
Bob Humphreys116
Steve Foucault100
John Wetteland99
Jeff Russell102
Jim Kern77
Dave Schmidt69
John Wetteland57
Paul Lindblad47
Kenny Rogers46
Dale Mohorcic45
Art Fowler40
Ted Abernathy39
Darold Knowles39
Nolan Ryan28
Fergie Jenkins11
Dean Chance9
Kevin Brown6
Gaylord Perry6
Jose Guzman5
John Burkett4
Ray Culp4
Kevin Gross4
Wade Blasingame3
Innings Pitched
Nolan Ryan5214.3
Fergie Jenkins1515.0
Shane Reynolds1412.7
Kevin Brown1342.0
Dean Chance1297.7
Kevin Gross1127.0
Jose Guzman1045.0
Mike Torrez1041.7
Kenny Rogers956.0
Rudy May944.0
Hits Allowed
Nolan Ryan4146
Shane Reynolds1580
Fergie Jenkins1506
Kevin Brown1417
Mike Torrez1197
Dean Chance1157
Kevin Gross1145
John Burkett1027
Kenny Rogers991
Jose Guzman987
Home Runs Allowed
Nolan Ryan461
Shane Reynolds193
Fergie Jenkins184
Kevin Gross130
Rick Helling129
Mike Torrez103
Dean Chance102
Roger Pavlik100
Kevin Brown99
John Burkett99
Walks Allowed
Nolan Ryan2847
Bobby Witt575
Kevin Brown480
Dean Chance480
Rudy May442
Kevin Gross436
Jose Guzman426
Mike Torrez417
Kenny Rogers405
Roger Pavlik363
Pitchers Strikeouts
Nolan Ryan5309
Shane Reynolds1185
Fergie Jenkins943
Dean Chance891
Kevin Brown840
Bobby Witt796
Rudy May746
Jose Guzman722
Kevin Gross701
Kenny Rogers693
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