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Toronto Blue Jays Career Leaderboard in both leagues (Pitchers)  Batters
50 decisions/500 IP required for percentage categories.
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Earned Run Average
Tom Henke2.722
Roger Clemens2.816
Duane Ward2.882
Dave Stieb3.383
Bud Black3.645
Len Barker3.649
Jimmy Key3.781
Luis Leal3.824
Richard Dotson3.830
Roy Halladay3.958
Dave Stieb192
Jim Clancy111
Jimmy Key86
Pat Hentgen81
Juan Guzman73
Roy Halladay67
Luis Leal59
Len Barker57
Todd Stottlemyre50
David Wells50
Dave Stieb123
Jim Clancy118
Pat Hentgen101
Jimmy Key68
Juan Guzman57
Len Barker55
David Wells54
Kelvim Escobar53
Geoff Zahn52
Roy Halladay51
Winning Percentage
Bud Black.6250
Dave Stieb.6095
Duane Ward.5897
Roger Clemens.5789
Roy Halladay.5678
Luis Leal.5673
Juan Guzman.5615
Jimmy Key.5584
Richard Dotson.5556
David Palmer.5345
Games Pitched
Dave Stieb395
Tom Henke365
Duane Ward365
Jim Clancy332
Kelvim Escobar278
Pat Hentgen228
Jimmy Key198
Mark Davis197
Woody Williams193
Octavio Dotel191
Games Started
Dave Stieb373
Jim Clancy288
Pat Hentgen225
Jimmy Key185
Juan Guzman162
Todd Stottlemyre147
Len Barker138
Kelvim Escobar121
Luis Leal120
Roy Halladay117
Complete Games
Dave Stieb117
Jim Clancy66
Pat Hentgen54
Jimmy Key49
Len Barker38
Roy Halladay37
Roger Clemens32
David Wells30
Luis Leal29
Juan Guzman25
Games Finished
Tom Henke280
Duane Ward276
Octavio Dotel146
Mark Davis96
Billy Koch89
Jerry Garvin80
Juan Agosto79
Paul Quantrill71
Dan Wheeler70
Woody Williams66
Tom Henke134
Duane Ward97
Octavio Dotel68
Billy Koch59
Dan Wheeler33
Don Aase27
Mark Davis27
Scott Service26
Jerry Garvin24
Tim Crabtree23
Dave Stieb22
Jim Clancy10
Len Barker9
Roger Clemens8
Roy Halladay8
David Palmer6
Pat Hentgen5
David Wells5
Juan Guzman4
Jimmy Key4
Innings Pitched
Dave Stieb2828.0
Jim Clancy2047.0
Pat Hentgen1520.0
Jimmy Key1349.7
Juan Guzman1079.3
Roy Halladay1034.7
Len Barker1033.3
Todd Stottlemyre1021.0
Kelvim Escobar1012.7
David Wells934.3
Hits Allowed
Dave Stieb2573
Jim Clancy2099
Pat Hentgen1606
Jimmy Key1371
Todd Stottlemyre1058
Roy Halladay1022
Juan Guzman1017
Kelvim Escobar994
Geoff Zahn975
David Wells970
Home Runs Allowed
Dave Stieb242
Pat Hentgen233
Jim Clancy219
Jimmy Key153
Kelvim Escobar135
Todd Stottlemyre127
David Wells126
Roy Halladay116
Juan Guzman99
John Lackey99
Walks Allowed
Dave Stieb1025
Jim Clancy779
Pat Hentgen579
Kelvim Escobar510
Juan Guzman488
Len Barker397
Todd Stottlemyre359
Jimmy Key327
Roy Halladay292
Luis Leal277
Pitchers Strikeouts
Dave Stieb1672
Jim Clancy1151
Pat Hentgen940
Kelvim Escobar896
Juan Guzman884
Len Barker783
Roy Halladay739
Jimmy Key720
David Wells606
Roger Clemens601
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