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Montreal Expos / Washington Nationals Career Leaderboard in both leagues (Pitchers)  Batters
50 decisions/500 IP required for percentage categories.
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Earned Run Average
Esteban Loaiza9
Livan Hernandez6
Runelvys Hernandez4
Gary Majewski3
Joe Mays3
Tony Armas, Jr.2
Lance Carter2
Chad Cordero2
Mike Koplove2
Randy Wolf2
Livan Hernandez14
Eric Milton11
Esteban Loaiza10
Runelvys Hernandez9
Chad Cordero6
Joe Mays5
Tony Armas, Jr.4
Randy Wolf3
Luis Ayala2
Lance Carter2
Winning Percentage
Games Pitched
Joe Mays46
Gary Majewski42
Chad Cordero39
Luis Ayala31
Livan Hernandez23
Esteban Loaiza23
Eric Milton23
Lance Carter21
Doug Waechter20
Runelvys Hernandez18
Games Started
Livan Hernandez23
Esteban Loaiza23
Eric Milton21
Runelvys Hernandez18
Tony Armas, Jr.10
Joe Mays6
Randy Wolf6
Ryan Drese4
Doug Waechter2
Complete Games
Games Finished
Chad Cordero29
Gary Majewski20
Joe Mays17
Lance Carter11
Joel Peralta8
Joe Borowski6
Mike Koplove6
Luis Ayala5
Doug Waechter5
Marcos Carvajal4
Chad Cordero16
Lance Carter2
Luis Ayala1
Gary Majewski1
Joe Mays1
Joel Peralta1
Innings Pitched
Livan Hernandez149.0
Esteban Loaiza145.3
Eric Milton124.0
Runelvys Hernandez100.7
Joe Mays92.7
Gary Majewski59.7
Tony Armas, Jr.56.7
Chad Cordero47.3
Luis Ayala43.3
Doug Waechter39.3
Hits Allowed
Livan Hernandez192
Esteban Loaiza144
Eric Milton136
Joe Mays126
Runelvys Hernandez96
Gary Majewski68
Tony Armas, Jr.64
Randy Wolf50
Luis Ayala42
Chad Cordero40
Home Runs Allowed
Livan Hernandez22
Eric Milton18
Runelvys Hernandez15
Esteban Loaiza11
Chad Cordero9
Tony Armas, Jr.8
Joe Mays8
Randy Wolf7
Luis Ayala5
Doug Waechter5
Walks Allowed
Livan Hernandez56
Esteban Loaiza37
Runelvys Hernandez36
Tony Armas, Jr.35
Eric Milton33
Gary Majewski25
Joe Mays23
Joel Peralta12
Chad Cordero11
Randy Wolf11
Pitchers Strikeouts
Esteban Loaiza126
Livan Hernandez94
Eric Milton76
Runelvys Hernandez49
Chad Cordero42
Joe Mays38
Gary Majewski33
Randy Wolf33
Luis Ayala29
Tony Armas, Jr.28
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