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If a team has played in multiple cities or under multiple names, those are also listed.
TeamYears RecordWin% Leaders
Atlanta Braves
Milwaukee Braves (1953-1965), Boston Braves (-1952)
(1935-2007)5583-5872.487 BattersPitchers
Baltimore Orioles
St. Louis Browns (-1953)
(1935-2007)5523-5931.482 BattersPitchers
Boston Red Sox(1935-2007)6014-5288.532 BattersPitchers
Chicago White Sox(1935-2007)5883-5573.514 BattersPitchers
Chicago Cubs(1935-2007)5445-6010.475 BattersPitchers
Cincinnati Reds(1941-2007)5688-4844.540 BattersPitchers
Colorado Rockies(1993-2007)1000-1274.440 BattersPitchers
Detroit Tigers(1935-2007)5728-5730.500 BattersPitchers
Florida Marlins(1993-2007)1172-1103.515 BattersPitchers
Kansas City Royals(1969-2007)2918-3244.474 BattersPitchers
Los Angeles Dodgers
Brooklyn Dodgers (-1957)
(1935-2007)6050-5252.535 BattersPitchers
Milwaukee Brewers
Seattle Pilots (1969)
(1969-2007)2843-3320.461 BattersPitchers
Minnesota Twins
Washington Senators (1941-1960)
(1941-2007)5028-5505.477 BattersPitchers
New York Yankees(1935-2007)6246-5208.545 BattersPitchers
New York Mets(1962-2007)3691-3605.506 BattersPitchers
Oakland A's
Kansas City A's (1955-1967), Philadelphia A's (-1954)
(1935-2007)5658-5797.494 BattersPitchers
Pittsburgh Pirates(1935-2007)5463-5991.477 BattersPitchers
San Diego Padres(1969-2007)3109-3053.505 BattersPitchers
Seattle Mariners(1977-2007)2482-2384.510 BattersPitchers
San Francisco Giants
New York Giants (-1957)
(1935-2007)5845-5610.510 BattersPitchers
St. Louis Cardinals(1935-2007)5521-5933.482 BattersPitchers
Texas Rangers
Washington Senators (1962-1971)
(1962-2007)3394-3902.465 BattersPitchers
Toronto Blue Jays(1977-2007)2383-2484.490 BattersPitchers
Washington Nationals
Montreal Expos (1969-2004)
(1969-2007)3155-3007.512 BattersPitchers

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