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Commissioner: Alan Boodman
This league was formed in the summer of 2000 with the idea of replaying Major League Baseball seasons from 1968 up to the present. The goal of SMILEY is to replay those seasons while attempting to maintain a certain amount of the integrity of the actual franchise rosters through those years, and at the same time allowing owners the flexibility to manipulate their team through trades and yearly free agent drafts. Players become free agents in SMILEY whenever they actually changed teams in Major League Baseball.

This league is designed for owners who may be fans of a single club, and want to experience both the high and low points that their favorite team went through in the past. Owners play their own road games in SMILEY (3 or 4 games per week over a 25-week season). We play two seasons per calendar year.

At the outset of the league, each of the sixteen owners selected a team, received the players on that team for the 1968 season, and will automatically receive all future rookies for that team. The four teams that nobody selected (Angels, Indians, Astros, Phillies) were permanently disbanded in 1968 and their players were dispersed via our inaugural draft. We added four expansion teams in 1969, two more in 1977, and expanded again for 1993.

Interested in joining SMILEY? Read our Constitution, and if you like what you see, send me an e-mail!

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