Pre-SMILEY: The Pre-Historic SMILEY League
A replay of baseball seasons from 1967 through the past...
Commissioner: Thomas Treece (
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Current Season: 1942
Pre-SMILEY is intended to function along the lines of the current SMILEY league. Click here to go to the main SMILEY website, and click on the Rules link near the bottom right to see the SMILEY Constitution.


  • Owners select a base team to begin with (1967), and receive all past retirees for that team.
  • The same 4 teams as in SMILEY (Phillies, Astros, Indians, Angels) are permanently disbanded.
  • Roster size, eligibility & usage rules are the same (usage inflation factor will always allow for complete seasons).
  • Players become free agents when they switched teams in MLB.
  • The concepts of Restricted & Unrestricted players will be used, and are defined as in SMILEY.
  • Penalties for overusage will be the same as in SMILEY.
  • Claims will not be used, in order that more star players will be available in the drafts.
  • We will play 2 seasons per year; autoplay (44 games per season) will be used.
  • To account for 1961-1962 MLB "contraction", Pre-SMILEY will contract by two teams after 1962, and those two teams will be the Mets and Senators. The owners whose teams are disbanded will have first shot at the next open teams.
  • Trading:
    • There will be no Trade Committee initially (it may be created later, if needed), though blatantly lopsided or collusive trades will not be permitted.
    • Draft picks are allowed to be traded - but only ones in the next draft and only first and second round picks.
    • The trading deadline will be the end of Week 8, which coincides with the beginning of autoplay.

  • There will be some interleague play built in to the schedule.
  • Once the league contracts to 14 teams, some overusage of low-quality players may be permitted if talent is scarcer than anticipated (there will be only 2 unowned teams instead of 4).
  • Owners need not submit PBP; rolls/splits will not be tracked.